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Hollywood Pyrotechnics gets many requests each year for training and crew possibilities.  We are always looking for good help for displays and related activities.  Working for a firework company is kinda like the National Guard...  you get to get out a few weekends a year, blow some things up, bond with some good team mates, and with fireworks, not have to go to Iraq... but maybe China or other firework factory locations.

Most work with Fireworks is heavy and long hours.  We start very early loading trucks and getting ready for the display, then when we get on site it is an immediate start of equipment setup (which involves unloading the aforementioned loaded truck), once the equipment is place, assure the security area is well defined and monitored.  Then start to load the firework products to the predefined plan, wire them to the various field modules for the electronic firing system, and test the continuity (successful wiring).  Clear the field of any unused equipment or supplies, get fire watch equipment in place for quick access if needed, and prepare for the display.  Again check and assure the safety zone is clear.  When the right time or signal is received, fire the display, watching for anything out the ordinary,a nd assuring the safety zone remains clear of people.  Then when the display is over, revel in the applause and honking, relax for 20 minutes while the 'guns cool', and then check for duds, and proceed to pack-up all the equipment back into the aforementioned truck, and then return to the company storage site and unload the yet again aforementioned truck. 

Essentially there are many areas to assist in a fireworks display.  Some involve heavy lifting.  Some involve wiring and shell placements.  Some involve security and monitoring of the site and display.  Some involve show choreography.  Some involve sales of new shows.  Some involve driving. And some are more warehouse in nature.  Overall there is opportunities for many people to get involved and have fun with fireworks.  Do know though you MUST be at least 18 to be around or handle fireworks, but state and federal laws.  All employees do undergo background checks.  People with felony's or other incidents prohibiting their ability to work around fireworks may also be prohibited from any employment.  Employees in sensitive positions also undergo drug screening and additional clearances.  Hollywood Pyrotechnics handles all the requirements.  We also train in formal class room settings, or on the job.  We need you.  Please look to come assist, whether it is two displays a year, or 20 displays a year, we need your passion and assistance to make each display successful.

Pay is based on hourly efforts.  Pay ranges from $8 per hour and up.  Drivers are paid my the mile, and crew leads as a percentage of display value.  Sales associates or leads are paid on a percentage of display value.  The more you do, the more the opportunity for money or excitement in your life.

Call      651-454-PYRO  (651-454-7976)  for more information

Email  information@HollywoodPyrotechnics.com with your name, address and related information for an employment packet to be sent.

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