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December 2007 - China announces price increase

China announces increases in pricing.  This is not an increase from one factory, one manufacturer, or one distributor, this is annoucnements from all of legal distributors from China.  There are three key parts to the increases being imposed.  First is a Chinese export tax.  This tax had been waived by the Government, until now.  This is an 8% tax on everything exported.  Second is a USD to RMB exchange rate change.  The dollar is dropping and this is affecting our ability to trade.  Currently this exchange rate is about a 15% change from pervious years.  And Third, in order for the Chinese factories to operate more safely, and to assure they can use the best chemicals and reduced hazard chemicals an increase of 10% to 20% is added to most products.  All told this is relfecting a 25-30% increase in product costs from last year.  Fortunately though Hollywood Pyrotechnics was able to secure our products before many of these cost increases came.  We are only seeing a 5% to 10% increase for 2008 shows.  But we fear for 2009 shows we, as well as everyone, will see a more substaintial increase in cost.  We fear many display providers may seek much 'cheaper' products, giving a lower quaility display, or risking safety issues with substandard products.  Hollywood Pyrotechnics will continue to use World Class products with great effects and superb safety! 

October 2007 - Distributor of Proformance Pyrotechnics

Proformance Pyrotechnics Hollywood Pyrotechnics reaches an agreement to be the exclusive USA distributor of the Proformance Pyrotechnics brand of fireworks.  Proformance Pyrotechnics is a leading brand of fireworks for Austrialia, Asia and Europe, and now is entering the United States in a large way.  They are a strong and award winning company, dedicated to the highest quality standards, and a diverse product line of traditional Chinese, stylish Japanese, heart pounding Italian and elegant Spanish style shells.  There is a difference in firework products, and Proformance Pyrotechnics is the distinctive element! 

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